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We are Quantex

we are behind your success

We grow your business using our creative minds.
Driven by powerful ideas originating from long term experiences.


Why choose for us?

Fresh ideas for your company

Quantex can rely on longtime experiences in the development and re-engineering of products.

Fresh marketing philosophies are the backbone to a proven concept for your incremental business.


How do we work?

On top of trends

Market developments, trends and economic changes are followed closely and are used to feed the urge for new products in the areas of sanitary ware, ventilation and (water)heating.

What we do?

Satisfying your needs!

Excellencing in great marketing concepts for the retail.

The Quantex Concept:

In business there are generally two ways to make money. Low volumes combined with high margins and the opposite; lower margins with larger volumes. Exactly this last phenomenon is the basis of Quantex.

Quantex' European customers are mainly wholesalers and industrial parties, feeding the big chains in the field of Do-It-Yourself, department stores, mail-order- and grocery chains. But also professional markets are serviced with the Quantex products.

The mentioned customers need enormous amounts of goods, whereby the volume aspect will mostly be the key issue. Therefore, what is important for Quantex is:

"Volume against the right price + according quality standards + the best logistic organization possible."

It will therefore not be any surprise that the Quantex concept is based on the famous wheel of retail.

More than ever a sound reason to choose Quantex as the partner behind your success!


Quantex turns ideas into reality!

Our product range

Powerful ideas have led to three main product ranges. Our focus is on (water)heating-, sanitary ware- and ventilation products.


Water heating

Comfort for your home

Innovation combined with fresh ideas have led to a water heating program that comforts your home. The program consists of storage boilers from 5-100L and instant water heaters from 3.5kW to 24kW. All products have the required European standards carried out and controlled by authorized testing bodies s.a. Kema/Dekra, TüV and Intertek. Moreover, most of them carry the GS approval.


Patio & Terrace Heating

We make it hot!

If you like design and temperature, the Thermoray heaters will draw your automatic attention. The heaters are suitable for any application and can be for domestic as for commercial heating. Not only design, but also safety has played a major role in the development of this program. The products are certified by the authorized bodies and carry a GS approval.


Sanitary ware

Popular solutions

The range consists of products which will guarantee good turnovers and improve customer's profits. Not necessarily the highest fashion design, but always the best offer in the market. All products have an excellent design, and/or can be re-designed as per customer's request.



We clear the air!

In the ventilation program, virtually anything is possible. Ranging from many models of fans to all necessary grills and ducting, the program is as flexible as you would like it to be. Complete retail lay outs from 3 to 8 meter can be developed on a customized basis.

Water heating

Comfort for your home


To achieve a high level of comfort in your home, Quantex has built a range of water heaters with either storage capacity or instant heating capacity. The long term experience has resulted into innovative products that set the standard in their fields.

Through Dutch design and quality a range has been created that reflects good value for money. Many functionalities, the highest efficiency classes and various safety features therefore, make these products the best solution for every application.

Small storage
Wall mounted
storage heaters
Instant water
Boiling water
Mini instant
water heaters
boilers bigboilers iwh hotto mini

Patio and Terrace Heating

We make it hot!


The Thermoray heaters will draw your automatic attention because of their stunning appearance. The infrared heating provides a comfortable and extremely effective way of heating. It differs from regular radiant heating as the infrared wavelength is absorbed by solid objects. This way the heat is distributed in an evenly way and directly transferred to a person or object. This results into an efficient way of heating, as the air around it is not being heated, but the object or person.

Thermoray heaters make no noise, are equipped with safety features and are a beauty to the eye. Now, you also will become hot for it!

Terrace heaters Remotes Timers
terraceheater remote timer

Sanitary ware

Popular solutions


The range consists of products which will guarantee good quantities and turnovers, and will improve your customer's profit. Not necessarily always the highest fashion design, but always the best offer in the market. The products are produced according to the latest standards at various factories in Europe and overseas countries. Only materials, which are fully approved on the European markets are implemented into our individual products.

If quantities allow, both the product itself and the according packaging can be designed and made as per customer's request.

Washing machine heighteners Washing machine stacking kits Kitchen sinks Washbasin sets Taps Mirror cabinets
wash combi kitchen set faucet spiegelkast


We clear the air


Quantex offers a wide range of domestic ventilation. Whether it be grills, ducting or fans, the ranges consist of many different models in numerous designs. All fans e.g. have the required European standards carried out by TüV, Kema/Dekra or Intertek and carry CE-marking. They are covered with a 5 year guarantee period.

Ventilation products come in nice full color gift boxes, blisters or other ways of packaging, and if desired under your own brand name. Fans and accessories can be supplied in the fire retardant material combined with UV protection or in normal materials.

Fans Grills Stainless Steel Grills Ducts Accessories
vents grille ssgrills duct wall

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